Contribute Data

Want to increase your ridership by making your data visible to millions?

We would love to have you on-board and contribute to our global bike share data stream. Once you become part of our bike share feed, your bikes and stations data would be visible in real-time to millions of consumers globally helping you increase your ridership.
Getting started is simple!


With your data feed added to Move, information about your service – available bikes, stations and empty slots would be available to millions of consumers globally. This is crucial awareness about your bike share service being made available globally at no cost to you.

The reason we do this at Move is because we want to make sure that information on transportation systems like bikes is made available to more and more consumers worldwide in one easy-to-use app. Increasing bike share adoption also means that we play our part in promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle choice of transportation for many who are looking for such means and wanting to do their bit for the environment.

No. We showcase your data completely free of cost.
As the world’s largest bike share search engine, we display curated data from multiple bike share data providers. Adding your data to our platform only enriches this for our users and in turn gets your bike share service the critical awareness from millions of consumers globally that is not possible by going at it alone.
No. We are not collecting or seeking to collect any information about your customer’s trip or any other personal data. We are only interested in data that would help us in displaying information about your bike share service in real-time to our consumers. This will include:
  • Station related information like unique ID, name, latitude, longitude, timestamp of last information update
  • Station status information like empty slots and available bikes
We would need the information in JSON format.
However if you have issues in providing us the information in JSON, then no worries. Our team would be more than happy to work with you to standardize your data feed for our use.
If you have a system with your live feed on it, then we can connect to it. Simply contact us and we will assist in getting this done.