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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page. Feel free to check out our FAQs below, as we may have already addressed your question. Need help? Or just want to get in touch? Send us a message using the Contact Us option!

What is Move?

Move is an app that helps you save time and money by letting you compare prices, wait and journey times across multiple ride sharing apps worldwide (constantly adding new ones!) and allows you to book your cheapest ride in 1-click. We give you the freedom and flexibility to choose from the ride that’s best suited for you without having to constantly use standalone apps only to discover they don’t have any cabs available. Worse you don’t know how much more you end up paying for your ride without comparing prices.

With Move you are more informed to save time and money!

Why should I use Move when I can simply use my current ride hailing app like Uber or Lyft?

When you book a hotel or your next flight, it’s highly likely that you are comparing prices on a price comparison site like Booking, Kayak, Expedia and others. This is because earlier when you used to go directly and book a hotel or flight, you were never sure if you were getting a good deal. This is the same for on-demand services like ride hailing.

It is a well-known secret that most ride hailing apps use extremely smart and advanced pricing algorithms to show you an individual price for your ride. For instance, say you open a ride hailing app to check the price from Point A to B and then exit (not close) the app to check in another app the availability and price for the same destination. Then if you go back within a few minutes to the first app you had accessed, your price is likely to be higher than what you saw initially. This is because the app has probably determined a higher level of ‘need’ on your part and will seek to maximize the pricing. Move helps you avoid this by letting you compare prices across multiple ride hailing apps and across all of their cab service options. Once you have identified the ride you want to take, you can book from within the Move app without having to jump to your ride hailing app. This way you know that you saved time by seeing all ride options available for your destination at one go and booked the cheapest out of them saving you money as well.

Infact using Move, the average saving that you can do from your monthly commute bill is about $100!* That’s a huge saving and the reason why it makes perfect sense for you to start using Move to compare and book your rides.

What’s the cost to use Move?

Move is currently completely free to use! You can compare prices and book your rides without any charge! So go ahead and use it as often as you would like and save time and money!

Does Move work in my city?

We are currently offering ride comparison and booking for Uber and Lyft across the US. Therefore if Uber and Lyft work in your city, then yes Move works in your city as well!

We are a young startup and are constantly adding new ride hailing partners to Move. Our vision is to give you access to all the ride hailing apps worldwide within Move so that you can use Move irrespective of whichever city you are in.

Is my Move account connected to my ride hailing account?

You have the complete freedom to not link your Uber or Lyft account with Move and still be able to use Move to compare prices across their services. Once you find your suitable ride, you can click on the ‘Book’ button which will take you to your chosen ride hailing app and you can then book with them directly.

Linking your ride hailing accounts with Move would enable you to have an awesomely seamless experience as you can compare and book your ride within the Move app thus saving both time and money!

Are your prices different then what might be there in my ride hailing app?

We show you prices that the ride hailing services themselves provide us. That’s why the price range that you see in Move comes directly from the ride service itself and the final pricing for your ride will be shown once you confirm the ride. We don’t have any way to influence the price of your ride.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely! We completely respect your data and privacy and therefore use the latest technology to safeguard your data. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

* Average savings calculated for 2 rides per day for a minimum of 22 days in a month. More rides means more savings!